Joint 15th Riga and 6th PAMIR International Conference on
Joint 15th Riga and 6th PAMIR International Conference on
Fundamental and Applied MHD
Fundamental and Applied MHD
   June 27 - July 1, 2005 - Rigas Jurmala, Latvia.   | Home | IPUL Home | MHD-Online | Contacts |

    Principal topics:

    Principal topics:


    ·  A - Basic MHD

    A.1 Convection and heat transfer in MHD

    A.2 Dynamo

    A.3 Instability and transition to turbulence

    A.4 Jets and surface waves

    A.5 Modeling of MHD turbulence

    A.6 Numerical and experimental methods

    A.7 Strong magnetic field

    A.8 Novel MHD problems and applications

    A.9 Reviews and history



    ·  B - Applied MHD

    B.1 Power generation

    B.2 MHD Propulsion and Flow Control

    B.3 Metallurgical applications

    B.4 Magnetoelectrolysis

    B.5 MHD in crystal growth

    B.6 Electromagnetic processing of materials

    B.7 Liquid metal technologies

    B.8 Electromagnetic levitation

    B.9 Measuring techniques for liquid metals

    B.10 Magneto static

    ·  C - Ferrofluids

    C.1 Magnetic liquids

    C.2 Electrohydrodynamics

    C.3 Magnetorheological suspensions

    C.4 Magnetism and magnetic particles and biological applications