8th PAMIR International Conference on
8th PAMIR International Conference on
Fundamental and Applied MHD
Fundamental and Applied MHD
   September 5 - 9, 2011 - Borgo - Corsica - France.   | Home | IPUL Home | MHD-Online | Contacts |

    8th PAMIR International Conference on Fundamental and Applied MHD

    Borgo Corsica - France September 5 - 9 , 2011

    Message from the chairmen

       This new pamir conference corresponds to the Twentieth anniversary of this manifestation which was organized for the first time in September 1991 at the Cadarache Castel in close collaboration between the CNRS and the CEA. This was a symbolic event for the Latvian scientists who attended an International Conference in France for most of them for the first time after the independence of their country.

    To celebrate this anniversary it was decided to place this 8 th conference under the common hospice of the CNRS and CEA in close collaboration with our colleagues from Latvia.

    This manifestation is also the opportunity to manifest the vitality of the magneto sciences in Europe especially through the activities of an European group of research, GAMAS, open structure involving several European countries benefiting also of the participation of non European countries.

    The enlarged topics of the Conference takes into account the present interest of the MHD community within the domain of the liquid metal technologies which corresponds to an important development in the frame of Energy, for example but not exclusively, by considering the important programs related to the new generation of Sodium Fast Neutron Reactors and the ITER experimental fusion Reactor.

    The organizers have the aim to facilitate the access at the Conference to the young scientists and scientists from unfavoured countries, and to promote the close collaboration between engineers, private companies and researchers which is a very important aspect in the development of magneto sciences.

    Conference is jointly organized by:


    • Antoine Alemany, C Latge, France


    • J.P. Chopart, France
    • J. Freibergs, Latvia

    Organizing Committee

      A. Alemany, M. Alradi, J.P. Chopart, B. Collovati, A.L. Daltin, J. Freibergs, C. Latge.